The Thief on the Cross

Reading the Bible, I come across some things that seem to jump off of the page at me. I am not sure if you experience this sometimes, but it is almost as if the Holy Spirit has taken a sort of ‘spiritual’ highlighter to the Bible. There are times when I am reading the Bible,Continue reading “The Thief on the Cross”

Matthew 4:12-17

As I have stated in previous posts, I am attempting to study the first book of the New Testament of the Bible, which is called “Matthew”. In studying this book, I am utilizing the Inductive Study Method to glean as much as I can from the Scriptures for as long as my coffee holds out.Continue reading “Matthew 4:12-17”

Matthew 3:1-12

As I have said before, I am studying through the first book of the New Testament of the Bible entitled “Matthew”. I am employing the use of the Inductive Study Method throughout, and I will be communicating to you what I see with the help of the Holy Spirit. Chapter 3 seems to be aboutContinue reading “Matthew 3:1-12”