You Gotta Have Faith

There have been so many difficulties as of late. My friends and family have expressed various trial and tumultuous times here lately that have led them to doubt if God still sees them. They have relayed to me their hurts, worries, and fears. And here I am thinking that I am the only one toContinue reading “You Gotta Have Faith”

On the Struggle Bus

Let me tell y’all, there has been a lot of difficulties going on here. I am not sure what sort of difficulties you all face, but I can guess that you have something going on. If not, just you wait. Something will come up out of the blue for you. That is just a partContinue reading “On the Struggle Bus”

Accept One Another

In our “One Another” Series, we are exploring several passages that help us discover the fullness of Christ’s commands toward each other as the Body of Christ. When we have intentional, intimate relationships with one another, we can fully live out what God intended for His people. And many of the blessings God has givenContinue reading “Accept One Another”

Are You Facing Trials?

There are so many times that I tell myself, “It is going to get better. It is going to get better.” Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn’t. But through it all, I am reminded of how God is with me and will never leave me. I am reminded of when Moses went to Pharaoh,Continue reading “Are You Facing Trials?”

Matthew 5:13-16

I am a wee bit late on this post. I had been battling pneumonia for the past month. I did not realize just how immunocompromised I really was until this past month. It got so bad that 6am on Sunday morning, my husband started to look throughout the house to find me because I wasContinue reading “Matthew 5:13-16”