Parenting A Child Vs. An Adult

As I have mentioned before, I have four sons. One of my sons is an adult. And for the past few months, it has been difficult to support them in a way I fully want to and need to but can’t. It is physically and emotionally impossible to fill all of their needs at theContinue reading “Parenting A Child Vs. An Adult”

The Attraction of Lesser Things

This is Day Two of a deep and meaningful look at what Tom Holladay calls “The Relationship Principles of Jesus“. I will be diving into what this book ultimately explains: the greatest commandments and how they apply to us. At the core of these commandments is relationship. I understand that this may be a lot,Continue reading “The Attraction of Lesser Things”

John’s “Verily” Series: c. 6 v. 47

Welcome back to another “cup of coffee” length post about Jesus’ “Verily, verily” statements as recorded by John. As I have said before, I believe these statements were intentionally written beginning “Amen, amen” to draw specific attention to the lessons being taught by Jesus. Of course, all of the teachings of Jesus are important. However,Continue reading “John’s “Verily” Series: c. 6 v. 47″

Let Go of the Weight

Right now, I feel like the weight of so much responsibility is pushing me down through the basement floor into the very depths of the earth itself. I am talking about full on through the crust to the core kind of severity of pushing. It is so heavy that it’s hard to breath. I haveContinue reading “Let Go of the Weight”

The Gospel

I have been reading through the Bible again from Genesis to Revelation. Each year I do this to continue searching for God in all kinds of ways and seeking His character and “heart” in it all. There are just so many things that I learn by the aid of the Holy Spirit each and EVERYContinue reading “The Gospel”


Has anyone actually went through all of their emails including advertisements? I don’t mean those that have opened a new account and read the like 5 new emails. I mean an established email account that has been used one various sites. I mean emails that come from “Purple mattress” and “Erin Condren”. I mean onesContinue reading “E-mail”

Revelations of Mine

I write at times in the middle of the day or night randomly. Then as I reread what I have written, it then seems to me a jumbled mess, almost as if I did a brain dump just to get it all out of my head so that I can process what is going onContinue reading “Revelations of Mine”