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You Gotta Move

There is a regular reading plan that I try to follow everyday. And for years, I have been following it. It is one of those “Read the Bible in a Year” plans that start on January 1st with Genesis 1:1 and finish on December 31st with Revelation 22:21. When I first began, I just readContinue reading “You Gotta Move”

Back in Action

The Summer Vacation from school has come and gone. As I have mentioned before, I have four sons. This summer has been a busy one with them. Many things have changed, and now that they are back in school, I am back to my regularly scheduled program. And before I begin with another coffee session,Continue reading “Back in Action”

Bearing False Witness

Recently, our pastor has been teaching on the “Ten Commandments”. One by one, he has been teaching what it is, why we should obey it, and how we should put into to practice in our lives. It has been lovingly put forth in a way that is relational and helpful without bashing anyone with legalism.Continue reading “Bearing False Witness”

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“We don’t measure the Bible by our experience; we measure our experience by the Bible. We don’t measure God’s Word through the lens of other books; we measure other books through the lens of the Bible.”

Tim Lafleur

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