6 Relationship Principles of Jesus

There is a book on my shelf called, “The Relationship Principles of Jesus” by Tom Holladay. It has been on my shelf for about a year. In full disclosure, I bought it from a thrift store, but it is definitely worth more than what I paid for it. Upon reading some of it, I realizedContinue reading “6 Relationship Principles of Jesus”

Be in Agreement with One Another

In our “One Another” Series, we are exploring several passages that help us discover the fullness of Christ’s commands toward each other as the Body of Christ. When we have intentional, intimate relationships with one another, we can fully live out what God intended for His people. And many of the blessings God has givenContinue reading “Be in Agreement with One Another”

Rationalizing Your Actions

There was an article that I read this morning that really resonated with me. It is convicting, humbling, and edifying. And usually, I would not post a “reaction” article to something I read in anything other than the Bible, but I think that at times information needs to be shared among each other in theContinue reading “Rationalizing Your Actions”

John’s “Verily” Series: c.6, v.53

Welcome back to the “Verily, verily” series in the book of John. This passage found in John 6:52-58. Remember that these “verily, verily” statements as recorded by John are the teachings of Jesus as He we about the area proclaiming the news that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. In light of this, theseContinue reading “John’s “Verily” Series: c.6, v.53″

Change in Your Lens

I just woke up from a dream that the earth imploded sending me to a different planet. My only objective once realizing I am in another place is to find my guys, especially, for some reason, my youngest son. So go ahead and read this, analyze it, and tell me what you think about it.Continue reading “Change in Your Lens”

Divisions in the Home

This morning has been hectic, but most mornings are. This got me thinking about various characteristics of my household members. Some of us are literal slugs in the morning. But when it comes to the night time, we can’t seem to quiet ourselves down enough to sleep until the wee hours of the morning. TheContinue reading “Divisions in the Home”

John’s “Verily” Series: c.6, vs.26, 27

Welcome back to another post that focuses on the “Verily, verily” statements found in the Gospel of John. In John 6:22-59, we have four “verily, verily” statements. Jesus was focusing on one main idea in four different ways, and there is a shift halfway through them. We will find in this passage what exactly JesusContinue reading “John’s “Verily” Series: c.6, vs.26, 27″


I keep looking on the band on my arm that reads “ALLERGY”. It’s on a red band in big, bold letters. It is wrapped around my wrist along side my white identification band. I used to also have to wear a bright yellow band that read “FALL RISK”, but that one, thankfully, is no longerContinue reading “Allergy”

John’s “Verily” Series: ch. 5 v. 19-30

Welcome back to another installment of what I have named the “Verily, verily” Series. Here, I go through the “Verily, verily” statements that Jesus made as recorded in the Gospel of John. There are 25 of them, and I go one by one through them. Some of them go with another, and for those, IContinue reading “John’s “Verily” Series: ch. 5 v. 19-30″

This is a Big Ask

Good Morning to you all. As an opening to this very Big Ask, I just want to say that I am going to continue to blog until I absolutely can’t anymore. I am going to study the Bible until I don’t need to anymore, which means at that point I would be in the presenceContinue reading “This is a Big Ask”