Secret Garden

Imagine yourself standing in the middle of a garden that you have worked all spring to cultivate. You have beautiful roses of red, yellow, white, and pink growing throughout. You have hyacinths of blue and purple in various portions. Then, there are the boxwoods in each corner to set off the property and give theContinue reading “Secret Garden”

HE is Fair

In the mornings, my guys and I read a portion of the Bible, and we discuss it. Really, we all take turns reading a couple of verses from a passage, and my husband teaches on it. I add a little here and a little there. It is like we cook a meal together. My husbandContinue reading “HE is Fair”

Let Go of the Weight

Right now, I feel like the weight of so much responsibility is pushing me down through the basement floor into the very depths of the earth itself. I am talking about full on through the crust to the core kind of severity of pushing. It is so heavy that it’s hard to breath. I haveContinue reading “Let Go of the Weight”