In the Blink of an Eye

There are so many things to be grateful for and so many things that I have mourned the loss of. One of those major losses that I have mourned in my life is my relationship with my Nona. She was an absolute delight and a major influencer in my life. She was arguably the greatestContinue reading “In the Blink of an Eye”

Where is it?

There are so many things that we as a people juggle. When leaving the house to go wherever we need to go, we have to remember our wallet, our keys, our phone, and then other stuff that we need for whatever task we have set out to accomplish. While gathering those items, I have sortContinue reading “Where is it?”

What’s a Lament?

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been learning more about prayer. And in doing so, I have found out that while prayer is simple, a lot of us do not lay it all out there for Him. A lot of us simply say a set of words that we feel He wants toContinue reading “What’s a Lament?”

Oh, And Another Thing…

I have had so much going on that my life path throws at me another thing right after dealing with something. Do you ever feel like this? I do. And right when I get done dealing that thing, yet another thing comes along to keep me from complacency. And it feels like to so muchContinue reading “Oh, And Another Thing…”

Enter into His Rest

This month, there has been many lessons I can learn about rest. Not only is it Women’s History month and Multiple Myeloma awareness month, it is also a month of celebration personally is a couple of other ways. This all leads me to think of God’s goodness and grace as He has brought me throughContinue reading “Enter into His Rest”

The Balaam Effect

There was a time when I struggled with the ‘Balaam’ in me. What I mean by that is this. I would ask God for direction in a certain situation. Then when God answered me, I would feel torn between what I thought was better than God’s answer. Then I would ask again to see ifContinue reading “The Balaam Effect”

The Thief on the Cross

Reading the Bible, I come across some things that seem to jump off of the page at me. I am not sure if you experience this sometimes, but it is almost as if the Holy Spirit has taken a sort of ‘spiritual’ highlighter to the Bible. There are times when I am reading the Bible,Continue reading “The Thief on the Cross”

You Gotta Have Faith

There have been so many difficulties as of late. My friends and family have expressed various trial and tumultuous times here lately that have led them to doubt if God still sees them. They have relayed to me their hurts, worries, and fears. And here I am thinking that I am the only one toContinue reading “You Gotta Have Faith”

On the Struggle Bus

Let me tell y’all, there has been a lot of difficulties going on here. I am not sure what sort of difficulties you all face, but I can guess that you have something going on. If not, just you wait. Something will come up out of the blue for you. That is just a partContinue reading “On the Struggle Bus”

Reading List

Are you the type that plans out a reading list for the year, and somewhere within the first month that reading list gets pushed toward the bottom of your ‘to do’ list? Or are you one of the type of person to be dedicated to your reading list? Or are you like me, and youContinue reading “Reading List”