Accept One Another

In our “One Another” Series, we are exploring several passages that help us discover the fullness of Christ’s commands toward each other as the Body of Christ. When we have intentional, intimate relationships with one another, we can fully live out what God intended for His people. And many of the blessings God has givenContinue reading “Accept One Another”

Still Matthew 5:1-12

As I have stated in previous posts, I am attempting to dive deep into the first book of the New Testament of the Bible called Matthew. In this deep dive, I am utilizing the Inductive Study Method and various resources in addition to the Bible. The original reason for this deep dive was to getContinue reading “Still Matthew 5:1-12”

Planting is Hard Work

I had no idea that gardening was such hard work. I knew that it was work. And I knew that one can get a lot of fulfillment out of it. However, I had no idea that it would kick my rear end the way it has. It has been 90 plus degrees (Fahrenheit) here forContinue reading “Planting is Hard Work”