The Thief on the Cross

Reading the Bible, I come across some things that seem to jump off of the page at me. I am not sure if you experience this sometimes, but it is almost as if the Holy Spirit has taken a sort of ‘spiritual’ highlighter to the Bible. There are times when I am reading the Bible,Continue reading “The Thief on the Cross”

On the Struggle Bus

Let me tell y’all, there has been a lot of difficulties going on here. I am not sure what sort of difficulties you all face, but I can guess that you have something going on. If not, just you wait. Something will come up out of the blue for you. That is just a partContinue reading “On the Struggle Bus”

The Gospel

I have been reading through the Bible again from Genesis to Revelation. Each year I do this to continue searching for God in all kinds of ways and seeking His character and “heart” in it all. There are just so many things that I learn by the aid of the Holy Spirit each and EVERYContinue reading “The Gospel”