Working Through Thoughts

The beginning of the year has brought about various “lists” that are restarted which begins with the “list of days in the year” (the calendar). Also, a list of resolutions for the year. Another one of those lists is of the chapters of the Books of the Bible Reading plan. Many of them are broken down into 365 days or 290 days.

While reading, I have many questions, but instead of looking them up right away, I finish the chapter I am reading or the couple of chapters I am reading. Then, I write the questions down as I go, and later go back to them and find out the answer if it wasn’t answered in the text by the end of the portion I was reading. I usually get ahead of myself and want to answer the question right away, which sends me on another quest without answering that question because I think of another question that could or could not be similar to the question I was working on with the original question. I know that was a lot of words to say that I don’t have very much focus a lot of the time, but then I would not be me.

In other words, I have A.D.D. which is like: I could be wondering what I need to add to my to-do list, and while looking around, I discover that I need to take out the trash. I do so, and go to replace the trash bag. I look in the drawer I keep mine in, and I see that there are no more. So I decide to go to the garage to get a roll of them. On the way down, I see the light on in the bathroom, and walk towards there. I turn off the light, and I head back over to the garage, but instead of going to the garage, I turn around to the bathroom to tidy it because at that moment, I remember that my mother was coming over that day. So I wanted to clean the house up a bit before she got here. After finishing with cleaning more than I thought, I walk to my sons’ rooms to do a quick clean up as well. When walking into my sons’ rooms, I am greeted with unfamiliar odors. Haha. So I go get the trash bags from the garage, replace the kitchen trash bag, and I gather my gear for the investigation of the “Fungus-among-us”. I got my gloves, my wash rags, and cleaners, and I am ready to tackle the mess. The laundry baskets are ready, and the trash can is lined. Then after about two hours of that, I am taking out more trash, doing more dishes, and hanging up more clothes. By the time I end my day, I sit down to write the “to-do” list that I meant to begin the day with.

That all brings me back to the main reason I began this post. I was searching for Reading Plan in a Year to follow this year. I began one. And this time around, I wanted to be more intentional than before. I wanted to go deeper than before. Not for the act of knowing more about God, but to know Him more. So I began reading from the beginning. I began searching for information to answer a question during my reading, and remembering that I needed to write it down and come back to it, I kept reading. Then I gathered some resources to tackle the objectives that I now had. I came across this quote:

“Unity is NOT ‘a million bodies with one MIND.’ Unity is ‘a million bodies with one HEART.’ Unity is NOT consensus. It is union in Christ.” By Tom Bradford.

This hit me like a big breath of fresh air. Many images and scenes flooded my mind calling to remembrance conversations I’ve had with people concerning unity and conversations that I have overheard or been a witness to concerning differing views on Unity as a whole as a concept. Many of the questions include the very definition of Unity, which is “the state of being one; oneness”. We are one body: Christ. It perfectly states in a way that I understand and agree with that I could pass on to others to understand what I mean without the use of visual aides. So of course I began praising God because of His omniscience. He’s in the details, my friends.

Going through these thoughts with you has made me realize that I may need increase my caffeine intake a little. Have a good day!

Gotta go fill up my cup…..


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I am married and I have four sons that are my whole world. I have a relationship with God through Jesus. Oh, and I have a blood cancer that has no known cure as of yet called Multiple Myeloma. Go Coffee!!!

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