End of the Year Reflections (Part 4)

In an attempt to make sense of the past year and learn from it to possibly have a better year next year, I am answering random questions through to the end of the year. The various questions I find are from a simple search of “conversation starter”‘s. The question of today is: Who do you aspire to be more like?

This is an easy and difficult question to answer. By far, easily my answer is my Nona. She was my ultimate role model and friend. My Nona was my paternal grandmother. Her name was Dolores Rose. She wasn’t perfect, and she never claimed to be. However, to me, growing up, she was perfect and on a pedestal. She never once let me down. And she didn’t even try to live up to a standard I had built up in my head about her. She just lived her regular normal life, and that example has inspired me to just be me.

She had five children with her husband, my Gramps. One of those children was, of course, my father. I would call her almost everyday. She would just actively and attentively listen like I was important and the things that I relayed to her were important. And when I was upset, she would simply say, “Aww, Honey…”

She was smart and kind. She also was not a push over. I would definitely describe her as diplomatic as well, because when my siblings and I would begin to bicker, she would not take sides but would reason out the argument where we all felt somewhat satisfied with the redirection techniques she employed. I know now how to do it, but at the time, I thought of her as a wise sage. She may have been. She was an example in my life at a time when I was searching for a life formula.

This is going to probably sound strange, but it really is how my mind works. I would look at the experiences of others and with my past experiences, I would try to find a “recipe” or “formula” of sorts on how to “live life happy”. I thought that I knew how to be happy way back when, but now I know that living life is not meant to be by a set formula. I can only live as me, not someone else. And I learned that from my Nona. She had her set of morals and convictions, and she stood by them no matter what anyone said or did around her. My Nona was amazing.

I say that she ‘was’ amazing because she passed away over 10 years ago. However, she will always be with me in my memories as I attempt to embody a lot of the lessons that she taught and lived by. She taught me what it was to love God. I am so grateful to have had an example of what it is to be someone that thinks for themselves and stands firm on the foundation of Jesus. Now don’t get me wrong, there are other people who have been instrumental in teaching me how to serve God and others. It is just that, the person that sticks out the most to me is Nona.

One night while staying over at her house when I was about 12 years old, I felt a disturbing presence. I was distraught to say the very least. I was frightened, scared, terrified – whatever word you want to use to get the point, enter here. I felt a demonic presence. So I went to my Nona and asked of her what I should do. She simply and firmly stated, “Tell them, ‘In the name of Jesus, BE GONE!'” And like that, I went back to bed and told them off. I was no longer scared. I felt empowered and strong because I knew that Jesus was on my side, and He is so much stronger than anyone or anything. He has POWER.

Gotta go fill up my cup…..


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I am married and I have four sons that are my whole world. I have a relationship with God through Jesus. Oh, and I have a blood cancer that has no known cure as of yet called Multiple Myeloma. Go Coffee!!!

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