What the Video is Going On Here???

I honestly should not write while watching videos. I have written multiple drafts of this post that you are currently reading. It is not smart to write while watching random videos that my sons are watching on the television here in my bedroom. My dog is sitting at my feet and the other dog is cuddled up next to me asleep.

I have had many ideas flow through my head, but the video keeps interrupting the connections. Currently, my sons are watching a survival video. So of course, what is racing through my mind are ideas about making a survival pack with the random tools and supplies. It has me thinking about ways I could live in my car if need be. I could take a trip to another part of the country in my car, and I would not have to go to a hotel. These types of ideas are just pouring through my head.

Then I begin to write out the commentary I have toward the video itself, and I have to delete most of what I have written because it does not match the previous portion of my writing. I have been thinking about writing a series, and I am unsure of what to write about. I love researching things and writing about them to teach others. I like to give of my time, talents, and income to others to serve and help. Maybe writing about taking a trip cross country might help clear out all of the cobwebs in the old noodle. There could be some value in writing fiction pieces just by changing the scenery and writing somewhere other than my house.

There have been many times that as I am driving down the highway, I think of an idea which spirals off into an imaginary scene about a random kitten interacting with the neighborhood wildlife in an attempt to help his mom in the family business of making kitty litter. It makes no real sense, but it is creative nonetheless. And it only seems as though I get these ideas while out and about. While I am on the highway, I get most of my ideas. So when I get home and set up to write, my mind just seems to be clear of creative ideas and back on practical “to-do list” ideas. Frustrating is a word that adequately describes this phenomenon.

Just a little peek into the noggin. I hope you are having an excellent day.

Gotta go fill up my cup…..


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I am married and I have four sons that are my whole world. I have a relationship with God through Jesus. Oh, and I have a blood cancer that has no known cure as of yet called Multiple Myeloma. Go Coffee!!!

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