John’s “Verily” Series: John ch5 v19

The “Verily, verily” statement in this verse is “Truly, truly, I say to you, the Son can do nothing of his own accord, but only what he sees the Father doing. For whatever the Father does, that the Son does likewise. (ESV)” As I said last week, the big idea of this passage is thatContinue reading “John’s “Verily” Series: John ch5 v19″

John’s “Verily” Series: ch.3 v.11

Here is yet another “Verily, verily” statement that Jesus made that John recorded. So far, we have read three “Verily, verily” statements, and we have learned that Jesus is the ‘ladder’ to heaven and that we must be born both physically and spiritually to enter into the Kingdom of God. In this next statement, JesusContinue reading “John’s “Verily” Series: ch.3 v.11″

John’s “Verily” Series: ch.3 vs.3, 5

I’m coming to you with 2 “Verily, verily” statements by Jesus. And we will talk about them together because the second one is a further detailing of the first one. It is very important to understand this concept being taught here. Here are two men: one being Jesus and the other being Nicodemus. Nicodemus wasContinue reading “John’s “Verily” Series: ch.3 vs.3, 5″

John’s “Verily” Series: ch.1 vs.51

Here we are. The first “Verily, verily” statement given by Jesus in the book of John. Like I mentioned before, I will be going into a study of each of the 25 “verily, verily” statements that Jesus made in the book of John. The Greek word amen (am-mane’) is the Hebrew word amen. This wordContinue reading “John’s “Verily” Series: ch.1 vs.51″